Term 4 staff day ICT pd – reflective blogging

The focus of this session is reflective blogging. This is the process of writing down the things we’re doing in our lessons and then reflect upon them in order to improve our practice. My blog has been created using WordPress, which is one of the most popular free blogging websites. Here are 6 tips on reflective blogging:

  1. Do it to help you improve. Put the best things you do on your blog, reflect on them and see if you can improve them further. Share your blog with other colleagues to get feedback and discuss your posts further
  2. Do it because you want to do it! Do it for yourself and when you have the time
  3. Use a simple blogging tool, such as WordPress, Edublogs or Google Blogger. All are free and simple to use
  4. If you’re using Twitter you can link your blog to your Twitter account so that when you post it will automatically tweet your blog post. this is especially useful if you use Twitter in a professional manner, such as a PLN, more about this later
  5. If someone (an Internet troll) decides to post something negative don’t rise to it. Healthy debate is important but do not rise to their bait! You can also delete and report them to the site administrator
  6. Do not post pictures of students or use their real names. Remember, your blog is in the public domain so respect your professional identity. The main objective of the blog is reflecting on your own practice in order to improve it.

Example: http://www.learningspy.co.uk/English-gcse/hula-hooping-about-literature From David Didau: The Learning Spy Your task:

  1. Log on to a computer and navigate to a free blogging website
  2. Create a free account, give your blog a catchy name
  3. Write your first blog post. It could be about:
    • A simple to do list for the first week back
    • Things you are looking forward to about term 4
    • An idea for a new lesson you have planned
    • A reflection on term 3 or the year so far
  4. Alternatively, download Twitter on your smartphone, create a Twitter account and start to build your PLN

Please ask questions if you get stuck. Thanks and have fun!


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