Year 7 transition lesson

This week sees year 7 students visit the school for a taste of big school. Here is what the ICT department has to offer:

1) Make your own Flappy Bird game
2) Angry Birds code adventure
3) Make your own smartphone game

All of the above use basic computer science principles and introduce students to computer programming concepts.

4) Codecademy, introduce this to the classes and explain how to get signed up and coding
5) Encourage students to have their own Google account, necessary to log in to Codecademy
6) Also encourage students to bring a flash drive to school to backup their work
7) Outline some basic safety and privacy measures all students should adhere to

If I had more time I would like to do a lesson binary and use Interstellar as an example of how binary can be used. Maybe I will do this for one lesson this week.

Looking forward to the classes and enlightning and engaging some new young minds.


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