Year 7 reflection part I

Things that went well today:

1) Welcomed and greeted the class as soon as they arrived. Greeted the class outside and gave them clear instructions

2) Introduced the lesson well, giving clear instructions for what students should do

3) Informed the class about what they will be doing next year. Used my prepared visuals effectively, as they linked to the topic well

4) Circulated the class constantly talking to all students and seeing what they were doing and giving help when needed

5) At the end of the class I praised them for their behaviour and participation and summed up the skills they had done in the lesson

6) Plugged Code Club and Raspberry Pi Club and invited them to get involved next year

7) Chosen resources were fun and engaged students instantly

Things to improve:

1) Check the tech more carefully as some web browsers were out of date and did not display the web sites correctly. Ensure all computers have Google Chrome as this browser supports all of the web sites needed

2) Have a paper based backup task prepared in case of further tech failure

3) Have something for students to take away, such as information about Code Club, a coding puzzle or information about next year

4) Include a binary activity, students to communicate a message written in binary and share it with a friend

Part II tomorrow…


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