Year 7 reflection part II

So today went better than the first transition lesson. Here’s why:

  1. Resources were better prepared. Had posters for Code Club and CC4G (Computer Club for Girls) on the board that I plugged at the end of the session
  2. Students had a takeaway item, a QR code they could scan to access the Codecademy website. I demoed this for the class with my iPad and they seemed suitably impressed with the idea










Things that did not go so well:

  1. I was
    not expecting a year 7 student to drop the ‘f’ bomb. Dealt with the incident in an appropriate manner and the student apologised
  2. Still some tech issues with people using old versions of Internet Explorer not being able to access some web pages. Must get Google Chrome installed on ALL computers!

Next time:

  1. Ensure all computers have the correct tech, i.e. Google Chrome installed
  2. Try an activity with a group element, such as working together to solve a problem, such as having a input, a process to be achieved and a final output. They can then test the output with other groups to see if it is correct











It would be nice if more girls signed up to do ICT. Hopefully they will be interested in this club next year.


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