Year 12 Transition Lessons

Next week the years 11s transition into year 12. I have a double lesson with my IPP and IT combined classes. The focus of these lessons is to give students relevant information about their year 12 courses, such as.

  • Access to the course outline
  • Outline of assessments
  • Look at this years LAP
  • View sample assignments and a range of responses (A-C achievement for example)
  • Expectations in terms of behaviour, effort, attitude, organisation, work ethic
  • Access to the SACE website where students can view and download relevant materials
  • Submission and format of assignments
  • Drafting policy
  • Late submission of assignments policy
  • Homework expectations

Clearly communicate all of the above and have the following materials prepared for them.

  • Copy of this years LAP
  • Sample assessment tasks
  • Copy of the late submission of assignments policy

Copies can also be placed in the pick-up folder, so direct students to ScaddingM pick-up so they can view these files.


  • Students to create a blog, such as with WordPress, can show them mine to model an example
  • Encourage students to keep a blog of their year 12 experiences, such as blogging at least once a week
  • Keeping a blog can be beneficial, for example, they can use the blog to record progress of coursework, their strengths and limitations, areas where they can improve
  • One great way to use the blog is the IT project, they can use the blog to track the progress of their project and record changes to made to their analysis or design, and then use this information in the evaluation

Encourage students to bring with them to lessons.

  • Subject folder (well-organised), to include notes, assignments and handouts
  • Flash drive or external hard disk to back-up their work (encourage students to keep copies of work on home computer)
  • Cloud storage service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to keep copies of coursework
  • Pencil case, well stocked with supplies
  • School diary, and to use it regularly!

I think thats it… definitely enough for a double-lesson!

PS: Stress that year 12 is tough and students need to be on the ball from week 1, day 1. Students should be attentive, dedicated, well-organised, punctual, committed and open-minded. There will be tough times and struggles, but students should not give up and keep in regular contact with the teacher to express concerns and ask questions.

And have fun!


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