Ten apps I would recommend to senior students

The following apps are useful for getting yourself organised with lessons, assignments, taking and sharing notes. As well as other useful functions.

  1. WordPress, to maintain your blog
  2. Pinterest, especially useful for IPP students for getting design ideas
  3. Evernote, great for taking notes and sharing them
  4. Google Drive, a cloud storage service, crucial for keeping documents safe and accessible from any computer with internet access
  5. Google Docs, a great mobile word-processor
  6. Things, keep track of tasks and things with this easy to use and appealing organiser
  7. Adobe Ideas, a great little drawing app
  8. Edmodo, communicate with teachers and other students as well as access to information and resources
  9. SimpleMind+, a mind-mapping app, great for getting ideas down
  10. Calendar, organise your time effectively and efficiently!

Spend the time during year 11 and 12 to be organised, to plan ahead, to take notes, to review and reflect. These apps will help you get these tasks done so they are well worth a look.



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