Year 12 transition reflection

Here’s what went well today:

  • All students shown LAP and course outline
  • Students were exposed to sample work from this year and discussion of the performance standards and criteria
  • Rules and expectations outlined for the year
  • Emphasis on attendance, punctuality, organisation and communication at all times
  • All students aware of the assessment types, school and external based assessment components
  • Recommended apps to help them remain organised and up-to-date with things
  • Students started a blog / journal, and the reasons and benefits clearly discussed with them
  • Option topics were discussed with the IT class, they decided to do Application Programming (major) and Website Programming (minor), although I would have preferred Website Programming to be the major, never mind…

A couple of students are instant worries, monitor them closely in the first few weeks to see how they go.

This took the double lesson and students had the opportunity to ask questions, which they did. A lot of course information was spoken about and next time more visual are needed, such as a video or info graphics to help communicate the information in a more engaging way. Copies of assignments are available in the pick-up folder, perhaps a sample assignment with A response and C response would be good to give to students to take away with them.

Overall, the transition went well, all the important information was communicated and students seemed happy with the tasks facing them next year.


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