Main points from Future Schools day 1

Here are some of the main takeaways from the day:

  • Let kids play, discover
  • I do a lot of good stuff already
  • Have confidence in the kids, let them work things out for themselves
  • Computational thinking is key, it is not just learning the latest programming language
  • Students as creators, not just consumers
  • Learning needs to be authentic, link to real world and give it real purpose
  • Promote activities to encourage deep learning
  • Turtle art is cool!
  • Code is creative, elegant, simple and efficient
  • Coders are creative people who need to work in teams and have excellent communication skills
  • The joy of computing is the discovery, the problem-solving
  • Quote of the day, ‘create your inner awesomeness!’

Day 2 reflections to follow asap.


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