Which 3D printer?

I am involved with 3D printing at my school and we are currently looking to upgrade our current printer with a new, dual-head machine. I thought I would have a look online to see what is available. Here are my current top 3 picks.

CreatBox DX Series – $2995

This printer has a bed size of 300mm x 250mm and a build height of 300mm. The build volume is 22.5 litres and the print resolution is 0.04mm. It has dual print heads semi-enclosed in a chamber with transparent walls and a heated glass bed. The extruder motors are placed at the back of the machine which apparently results in faster print speeds. The machine is apparently suitable for engineering and education, and has the ability to stack up multiple objects for production work, large architectural models, sculpture, jigs and fixtures, 3D printing people from scanned data. The extruders are interchangable and available in 0.4mm and 0.8mm. A small display shows the print status and allows you to pre-heat, control the printer and even load and print directly from an SD card slot. You can also make adjustments while printing, including changing the print speed, flow rates, temperatures and nozzles. Included with the printer are:

  • 4GB SD card
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Tool kit, including scripture, spanner, tweezers
  • Adhesive sheet for bed
  • Miscellaneous spare parts
CreatBot DX
CreatBot DX
CreatBot DX screen
CreatBot DX screen

UP BOX Desktop – $2695

This printer includes a HEPA filter to remove air-born dust and other contaminants. It has a fully automatic platform levelling and height sense, so human interaction is not required. The build volume is 10 litres with a build size of 255mm x 205mm x 205mm. The promo material says it is ‘super quiet’ at 51db, as quiet as your fridge and is ‘fast’. The printer comes with a spool of white premium UP ABS. The print quality is 100 microns.


Leapfrog Creatr Dual Head – $2559

This printer has a build volume of 230mm x 270mm x 210mm, which is over over 13.6 litres. It now offers a minimum layer thickness of 0.05mm. The heated bed can print with ABS and PLA and it is apparently easy-to-use and has a high quality and stylish design. Its dual head extruder allows you to print with two different types of filament. Leapfrog recommend the Simplify3D software, however, this is not included and will cost an additional $125.

Leapfrog Creatr
Leapfrog Creatr

These are just 3 of the many printers currently on offer, and all 3 seem to have the features we are looking for at school. A bit more research is needed before we make a decision, however, the CreatBox seems to be the frontrunner at the moment due to its features and ease of use.


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