Arduino Day 2015 Event

Last Friday I organised and helped run, with some other colleagues, an event at school to help celebrate Arduino Day. My idea was to hold an event in the LRC at lunchtime, demo the Pi-Bot as it did line following and include Arduino Uno boards where staff and students could code, tinker and play. I wanted to do something to mark this occasion and to show the school community that Arduino is here, our robots are built, they work and they are awesome. I also wanted students and staff to be involved in what we are doing, to raise the profile of Arduino, STEM, robotics and coding, and I think this was achieved.

In the end our robots worked beautifully, the robot Natalie had built and also Paul. They followed the line using the ‘wiggle effect’, some tinkering is still required. I used an Arduino board to create the game Simon Says, a great application of the Arduino and something fun for the kids to get involved with, which they did.

Arduino Simon Says
Arduino Simon Says

Natalie and John provided some squishy circuits, circuits constructed from Play-Doh, batteries and LEDs, a great visual activity and fun for the kids to play with.

So we had lots going on, the event was very interactive and very visual, which helps when launching new ideas. Lots of junior school girls came through the event which was nice, and they loved the activities and robots in particular. It was great that some senior staff and teachers attended and also got involved. We took lots of photos and videos and overall this was a worthwhile and fun event.

Pi-Bot line following
Pi-Bot line following

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