K-2 Makey Makey Project (Part IV)

This week the girls finished their Makey Makey musical instruments. They did a great job, all of the instruments were well made from upcycled materials and I only had to make a few minor changes to ensure the Makey Makey alligator clips could attach correctly. The creativity and teamwork of the girls across years K-2 … Continue reading K-2 Makey Makey Project (Part IV)


K-2 Makey Makey Project (Part III)

The making (implementation) part of the project is where the creations come to life. This involved the girls bringing to school the materials needed to make their instrument and using things like glue, foil, sticky tape and other imaginative and creative tools. This stage required teams to work closely, ensure everyone was involved, and to … Continue reading K-2 Makey Makey Project (Part III)