K-2 Makey Makey Project (Part III)

The making (implementation) part of the project is where the creations come to life. This involved the girls bringing to school the materials needed to make their instrument and using things like glue, foil, sticky tape and other imaginative and creative tools. This stage required teams to work closely, ensure everyone was involved, and to have a steady hand when cutting, gluing and drawing.

Our K-2 maker space was a hive of activity during the making process. The girls loved making their instruments, it involved talking, being social, creative, active, problem-solving, thinking and being artistic. It was amazing to see these creations come to life and the innovative ways the girls found to realise their designs that were just in their imagination a few weeks ago. This stage was not without its problems, and making something from a design is not a fluid process by any means. Trying to make an object stand on 4 legs for example is not as easy as it sounds. I loved the way the girls persevered with their instruments, they did not give up when something did not work, they just tried something else. They did not ask for much help from the teachers, they wanted to make the instrument by themselves and they were pretty determined to do exactly this.

To improve this stage for next time, have a central station for ‘maker’ supplies, like glue, tape, foil, pens, pencils, glitter, paint, etc. This would be great on a moveable trolley so it can be placed in different rooms so all the children know where to go to get their supplies from.

Once the instruments are finished it will be time to attach the Makey Makey computers and attach them to the computer where they will start to come to life!


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