Adolescent Success Conference – Day 2 (Gold Coast)

We started the day in No Name Lane again for breakfast and coffee. Then we headed back to the conference for day 2. Karla and I were a bit late for the keynote so we spent our time rehearsing for our presentation instead. We found a nice quite ‘wing’ of the convention centre and had a good run through.

After morning tea we headed to a session called ‘The future of learning: Humanoid robots in the classroom.’ The session was centred around using a humanoid robot and the presenters action research into using this machine in various schools in South Australia. The session started in a similar way to mine, talking about new technology and its role and impact in the classroom. We had many demo’s of the robot and it was quite engaging. The robot can be coded to walk, dance, speak and more. The students in the videos seemed to really like the robot, one boy seemed to be in love with it! The research they presented supported the fact that students collaboration and engagement increased when they were working with the robot.



After this session we visited the exhibition and ate an early lunch. While the other conference attendees had their lunch in the exhibition Karla and I moved into our session room to set up and have a final run through. We were primed and ready to go for our start time of 13.30 and welcomed people as they arrived. Around 40-50 people attended which we were really pleased with. Our presentation went well with no hitches and we were both really pleased with how it went.

Matt and Karla

We filled up our time slot of 45 minutes but could have talked for longer, which shows how much we were enjoying the experience. We hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we did. We had a few people ask questions at the end and encouraged them to get in touch to talk more, which we hope they will do.

We really enjoyed the conference, it had a great vibe, friendly and inspiring people, great venue and really well organised. The experience of presenting made us nervous, but overall we really enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again.


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