Need an idea? Go for a run!

If you need ideas then my advice is go for a run. I have been saying this for ages now as every time I go running I seem to be able to clear my thoughts and focus on some really important aspects of life. Today my focus was on work, as it often is, and came up with lots of great ideas, including:

  • Make a Scratch movie with the Scratch girls to show in assembly. This could be something like ‘5 reasons you should join Scratch Club next term!’
  • Interview 5 Scratch girls and film their responses, then edit them into an iMovie
  • Include Sphero in the Scratch club
  • Change the name to Code Club, incorporate not just Sphero but Makey Makey and WeDo when it arrives
  • Use other coding resources such as Hour of Code, Scratch Jr and Grok Learning
  • Make my own Scratch project to show in assembly, such as how to time travel into the future. Show the girls that Mr Scadding is also a Scratcher and loves to code and be creative
  • Use more Scratch in my teaching, especially in junior school to tempt more girls to attend Code Club
  • Change Code Club to Wednesday to avoid that crazy Friday feeling

Just a few things to get started on thanks to my run around Killara today. I also did some equations in my head regarding the speed of light, light seconds, light minutes and light years. All that and keeping myself fit at the same time.

So, the next time you need to be creative and come up with some great ideas, grab your running shoes and go for a run.



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