Who was Leonardo of Pisa?

Leonardo of Pisa is probably not a name you will instantly recognise, but, you are sure to know him by his nickname - Fibonacci, the 13th century mathematician from Italy. Fibonacci roughly translates to 'Son of Bonacci' and this name was given to Leonardo by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in the 1870s. A recent Sydney … Continue reading Who was Leonardo of Pisa?


AI, robots and lawn bowls

EV3 Lawn Bowler

Topic: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Year group: Year 6 Task: Build and code a robot that learns from past experiences Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important technology of our era. In particular, machine learning (ML) is going to play a vital role in how the human race makes progress in the decades to come in … Continue reading AI, robots and lawn bowls

Philosophy of Technology: Human vs Machine – Week 9

The penultimate week of the course. This week we focused on self-driving cars and drone technology. We started by talking about how the motor vehicle has shaped our urban environments. Cities are designed around cars, street layout, bridges, intersections, tunnels, road signs, traffic lights and more, it is all because of the car. When something … Continue reading Philosophy of Technology: Human vs Machine – Week 9

Philosophy of Technology: Human vs Machine – Week 3

This week was the final week of the history part of this unit. We continued to discuss Marx and Heidegger in particular. Kerry began the class by talking about an article about cyborg insects, you can read it here. This article is about scientists fitting a real dragonfly with a small backpack that can directly … Continue reading Philosophy of Technology: Human vs Machine – Week 3

Innovation Lecture 2016 – Marita Cheng

On Wednesday September 14th I attended the Warren Centre Innovation Lecture 2016. This year's speaker was Marita Cheng, founder of RoboGals and the 2012 Young Australian of the Year. This was the second time I have seen Marita speak, the first time being earlier this year at the Future Schools Expo in Sydney. Marita is … Continue reading Innovation Lecture 2016 – Marita Cheng