AI, robots and lawn bowls

EV3 Lawn Bowler

Topic: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Year group: Year 6 Task: Build and code a robot that learns from past experiences Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important technology of our era. In particular, machine learning (ML) is going to play a vital role in how the human race makes progress in the decades to come in … Continue reading AI, robots and lawn bowls


Exploring the Heavens – Week 1

On Tuesday 3 May I attended the first week of my new course on astronomy at Sydney Observatory. The course is titled 'Exploring the Heavens' and is led by Dr Paul Payne. The structure of the course is as follows: History of Astronomy Celestial rhythms The solar system The stars Telescopes So the course started … Continue reading Exploring the Heavens – Week 1

Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy Design Project

Earth's twin: No oxygen, no water, scorching temperatures and a runaway greenhouse effect. What else do we know about our closest neighbour, Venus? Arizona State University's AST111 Introduction to Solar System Astronomy Design Project evidence Learning objective Describe the origins, structure, contents, and evolution of our solar system. Project goal "Venus favours the bold" - … Continue reading Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy Design Project

5 Earth facts to celebrate Earth Day 2016

5. Earth is a terrestrial planet meaning it has these characteristics compared with Jovian planets: Smaller size and mass Higher density of rock and metal Solid surface Closer to the Sun Warmer surface Few moons No rings 4. Earth's continents used to be one giant super-continent called Pangaea that existed around 200-300 million years ago. … Continue reading 5 Earth facts to celebrate Earth Day 2016

Robotics in the Classroom – MacICT Workshop

Today I attended the Robotics in the Classroom professional learning workshop at Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre. The course was presented by John Burfoot, an experienced teacher and robotics educator who has spoken and presented at numerous events in Australia and internationally. He began by talking about a recent conference he attended in San Diego, USA, … Continue reading Robotics in the Classroom – MacICT Workshop