Astronomical Concepts – Week 5

The main topic this week was the Sun. Here are a few facts about the sun: It is a hot ball of glowing gas It is a yellow dwarf, main sequence star Approx. 150 million km from Earth (this distance is known as 1 astronomical unit (AU)) Formed 4.5 billion years ago Formed from a … Continue reading Astronomical Concepts – Week 5


Exploring the Heavens – Week 4

The main focus for this week was 'The Characteristics of Stars'. For this lass I was back to my usual Tuesday class time, and I had been looking forward to this session for quite some time. The session started outside at the observatory waiting for the ISS to fly across the Sydney sky at 30,000 … Continue reading Exploring the Heavens – Week 4

Exploring the Heavens – Week 2

The focus of this week's class was Celestial Rhythms and the development of the constellations. We started the class upstairs in the observatory and outside on the balcony with Paul describing our session and then identifying a few of the objects on display in the night sky, including a crescent Moon. Paul described how the … Continue reading Exploring the Heavens – Week 2

Top 10 Solar System facts so far…

10. The total number of stars in all the galaxies is comparable to the number of dry sand grains on all the beaches on Earth. There are about 100 billion galaxies and the total number of stars in all those galaxies is about 1000 billion per galaxy. 9. We are always in motion: We spin … Continue reading Top 10 Solar System facts so far…